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Winter Dreams Festival 2012

If you haven’t heard of it by now hopefully this blog will make you want to go and check it out, what am I talking about? The Winter Dreams Festival 2012 of course! Hosted by Maddison Dagostino and Kalle Harmison owners of MAW as well as help from Ang Turbo. This year the charity they have chosen is the Red Kettle, in case your asking what the Red Kettle is, Do you remember when you go in the mall or your local shopping center and see the people standing outside ringing the bell also known as the Salvation Army? That’s the charity they have chosen and with this charity last year, donations to the red kettle served over 30 million individuals in need, provided 60 million meals for the hungry, and sheltered 10 million people with nowhere else to go. All thanks to peoples generosity. The donations WE raise in your Winter Dream Red Kettle will help feed hungry families, provide presents for needy children, heat the homes of struggling senior citizens, and bless millions in need.

So if that sounds like something your interested in then you definitely want to get involved there are going to be Events Daily – Family events- Dances – Holiday Shopping- Holiday Events- (events will be done several times a day each day during the 5 weeks). If you want more information then check out my last blog on the event for more details!

But now for the good stuff! Below are the stores taking part in selling their items for charity. Also check out the silent auction information for it on my blog as well, just follow this link. Note these photos please are all the vendors taking part just what I could round up.


& Exclusive Item


Oh Daisies

Something Cute

Little One’s Couture – 75% of proceeds go to Red Kettle

Figgs – 75% of proceeds go to Red Kettle

and also to purchase

Exclusive Item



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